Guardian Capital Partners Adds TraumaFX Solutions, LLC to Tactical Medical Solutions, LLC Platform


Guardian Capital Partners (“Guardian”) is pleased to announce the add-on acquisition of TraumaFX Solutions, LLC (“TraumaFX” or the “Company”) by its portfolio company, Tactical Medical Solutions, LLC (“TacMed”) on June 7, 2019. TraumaFX is a global leading developer and manufacturer of best in class, proprietary medical simulators that improve human and K-9 survivability following trauma related accidents.

Both Guardian and the management team at TacMed are extremely excited about this acquisition and believe that the strategic combination of TacMed and TraumaFX will lead to tremendous new opportunities and growth. The addition of TraumaFX to the TacMed platform will help emphasize the importance of hands-on training in the emergency trauma care sector and will enhance TacMed’s ability to deliver innovative medical simulation and training technologies to customers and clients worldwide. The partnership with TraumaFX enables us to provide our customers with human and canine simulators that allow first responders, emergency medical professionals, and military personnel to experience the intricacies of treating traumatic injuries in a real-world setting.

Guardian and TacMed are extremely excited to work with the TraumaFX team to continue to build upon the Company’s reputation for high-fidelity advanced training solutions across the globe. Click here to learn more about TacMed  and TraumaFX.